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AUDIOROMY 6v6 Tube Integrate Headphone Amplifier

100% New In Box 6P6P(6V6)X4 6N1(6922)X2 6N3(5670)X1

The sound of these amps in terms of clarity, detail, imaging, and neutrality probably beats most . 
Powerful sound special good for using in a big indoor area. Match with many different 
speakers also can let your speakers provide the maximum nice quality amplifier, 
it is good sound quality.


    • 110V-240V AVAILABLE 
    • Shuguang 6P6P(6V6)X4, 6N1(6922)X2, 6N3(5670)X1
    • Output Power: 12W x 2
    • Frequency: 20Hz-30KHz(+/-1dB)
    • Ohms: 4ohm or 8ohm
    • Consumption: 100W
    • Signal Input Level: 800mV
    • Size Dimension: Width 216mm x Height 130mm x Depth 200mm
    • Weight: 8KG

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