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Bewitch 6550 Integrated Amplifier - 2016 NEW VERSION

Embarrass  your  friend's  GBP5000  big boy  sound  system  with  this  GBP689  tube  amplifier,  

this is  one of  the best  pound  for  pound  British  designed  Class A  operation  amplifier  Bewitch  6550 by  miles.

It uses  the  mighty  Russian  Electro-Harmonix  6550  (KT88)  valves  in an  Ultra  linear  push  pull  configuration,  

the  combination  of  sturdy  power  ,clarity  and  modern  looking  are the  distinguishing  features.


The output can be configured as 4 or 8  ohm speakers, the output stage can also  be switched to triode mode,

it will further line arises the  operation of the valves for  higher sensitivity speakers.

 It  can also be used as an excellent  stereo power amplifier when the  volume control is fully turned  up,

the well built output  transformers also give extremely  wide bandwidth,

 which  allows very solid low frequency  response came along with  sweetest reproduction of timbre.


The perfect match for the Tung-Sol  original, offering excellent linearity,

power handling capacity and heat  dissipation.

Four-pillar construction and  mica spacers help maintain a  rugged mechanical reliability.

Classic tone is sustained at a  prolonged, high output.

 A  new leaded glass compound is  utilized to maintain vacuum  integrity,

 balanced performance and ensure  long life.

Bewitch 6550

SKU: BW-6550
$867.00 Regular Price
$839.99Sale Price
    • Input Power :    230V-240V ONLY
    • Output Power :    ULTRA LINEAR 60W x 2 / TRIODE 30W x 2
    • Output Tube :    6550 x 4 Russian tubes
    • Frequency :    13Hz-60KHz(-1dB)
    • Signal/Noise Ratio :    89dB
    • Input/Driver Tube :    5Z4P x 2, 6N8P x 2, 6N9P x 2
    • Input Sensitivity :    500mv
    • Input Impedance :    100k ohm
    • Output Impedance :    8 ohm & 4 ohm
    • Harmonic Distortion :    0.1%
    • Source Input :    Tape, CD and Aux
    • Size Dimension :    W 350mm x H 165mm x L 436mm
    • Colour :    Black
    • Weight :    28kg
    • Packing Includes :    All Tubes & 1.5m Power Cord
  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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