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  • The power transformer and output transformer adopts and impost the silicon steel sheet (thickness: 0.35mm) of audio frequency and high-quality wire of high strength and winds the crafe of making specially.
  • All resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade to ensure sound quality.
  • German red polypropylene capacitors for coupling effect.
  • Two sets of inputs. Gold costed RCA connectors plus 4 ohm and 8 ohm loudspeaker outputs terminals.
  • Brushed stainless steel chassis (thickness: 1mm), with all metal buttons and knobs, [lus blue LED indicator light. The side panels feature lovely shaped and refined cherry wood.
  • Classic parallel Push-Pull circuit equipped with the famous KT88 tubes, this thing produces nothing but beautiful, gorgeous music. It is fit for listen to all kind of music.
  • Side panels made from cherry wood.   


SKU: MC-D-2020-KT88
  • Input Power : 110v-240v AVAILABLE

    Input Impedance : 100Kohm

    Output Impedance : 4Ω and 8Ω

    Input Sensitivity: 500 to 3000mV        

    Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 30KHz+/- (-1dB)

    Maximum Output : 30W Per Channel (8Ω and Triode Connection Mode)

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 89dB

    Input Jacks : 2 Groups

    Output Jacks : 2 Groups

    Tubes for Preamp : 12AT7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2 6N6T x 2

    Tube for Rectifying : 5Z3PA x 2

    Power Tube : KT88 x 4

    Supply Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz/50Hz

    Size Dimension: W 460cm x H 180cm x D 360cm

    Shipping Weight: 23kg

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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