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SIESTA-Lab Virtuoso Series VS1 is designed from Japan.


This speaker system utilizes super high quality

speaker drivers that have good frequency accuracy and phase coherence over the whole spectrum.

Its precise and specially designed highly efficient crossover network allows them to

work well with amplifier outputs as low as 8.5W (e.g. 300B single-ended) .

You will hear unbelievable low frequency regeneration from this small speaker even at low power inputs.

Both drivers have a very high dynamic range .

The tweeter is made with a pure silk 1 wide dispersion, super light weight dome diaphragm.

The voice coil has a liquid magnet for cooling and damping .

These speakers are matched for +/-2db accuracy between left and right.

The two woofers are made with specially coated paper cones and super durable but soft rubber surrounds,

providing a very high dynamic range with no noticeable distortion.


  • System : 2 way Vented box High fidelity Speaker

    Component : 6" Woofer + 1" Tweeter

    Speaker Terminals : Binding Post

    Rated Power : 50w

    Maximum Power : 100w

    Sensitivity : 88 db +/- 3db

    Frequency Response : 60 Hz ~ 20k Hz 

    Impedance : 8 Ohm

    Size Dimension : 420W x 340D x 360H mm

    Colour : Wooden Side & black piano-gloss finished Front Panel

    Weight : 23kg

    Packing Includes : Pair Speakers

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