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XiangSheng 728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier


Wonderful  stereo  Pre-Amplifier,  built  with the  best  parts  available

The  pre-amplifier  improved  based on  famous  Wada  Shigeho's  Style  Electric  circuit,

which  was  Introduced  by Wada  Shigeho  in the  early  1960s  and gave  an  excellent  performance.

Regarding  the Wada  Shigeho's  Style  Electric  circuit,

it not  only  still  keep the  good  features  of  Marantz7,

meanwhile  it have  superrior  features  in  Dynamic,

High/lLow  Frequency  Response,  Resolution  and  Signal  to Noise  Ratio as  compared  to  Marantz7.

But  apart  from  above  features,  it’s  also not  inferior  to  Marantz7  in Sound  stage  and airy  feeling.

Adopt  4pcs  paper in  oil  capacitors  and  German  WIMA  capacitors  for  coupling  effect,

 make  the  sound  warm and  delicate.

XiangSheng 728A-SV

    • Brand :    XiangSheng

    • Model :    728A

    • Input Power :    AC100V-AC240V available 60Hz/50Hz

    • Output Tube :    12AT7×2、12AU7×2、6Z4×2

    • Input Sensitivity :    400mV

    • Input impedance :    100K

    • Output Impedance :    600 ohm

    • Signal/Noise Ratio :    90dB

    • Frequency Response :    10Hz--30KHz

    • Humidity :    35%—80%

    • TMD :    less than 0.01%

    • Input Jack :    4 groups

    • Output Jack :    2 groups

    • Weight :    8 kg

    • Size : W430mm × H80mm × D290mm

    • Packing Includes : Full Set Valve, 1.5m Power Cord

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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