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YAQIN MC-13S GD 6CA7 BL Vacuum Tube Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier


Why spend thousands of dollars travel to the Opera House at Sydney,

while you can spend so much less to move it back to your home and enjoy whenever you want?

This amplifier produces an environment comparable to a live opera with its detailed,

limpidness and powerful sound,

once you hear it, you'll feel sorry for your friend's SXXY stereo system.




    • Type :    Integrated Amplifier
    • Input Power :    110V-240V AVAILABLE
    • Output Power :    80W
    • Valve / Tubes :    6CA7 × 4 12AT7 ×4
    • Frequency :    10Hz-76KHz (±2dB)
    • Distortion :    ≤0.9% (28W)
    • Signal/Noise Ratio :    ≥85dB (A)
    • Load impedance :    8ohm or 4ohm
    • Power Consumption :    220W
    • Input sensitivity :    ≤0.26V
    • Input Jack :    4 groups
    • Size Dimension :    L 470mm x W 315mm x H 175mm
    • Weight :    22kg
    • Packing Includes :    All Tubes, 1.5m Power Cord
  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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