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YAQIN MS-30L EL34 Push-Pull Tube STERE Integrated Amplifier 2016 New Circuit


  • The latest version of  EL34 output amplifier from Yaqin;
  • Infrared remote  control for volume adjustment and  input selections;
  • TR/UL (Triode and  Ultra Linear modes) switches on the  front panel;
  • Earphone jack on the  front panel;
  • External bias  adjustment;
  • High  DC voltage delay circuit to protect  tubes;
  • Class A push-pull  power amplifier to reduce  distortion;
  • Output transformers  manufactured with Japanese silicon  steel sheet and high-quality  enamelled wire, which offer a wide  dynamic range at full rated output;
  • Utilizes the  audiophile capacitors and high  quality metal precision resistors  dedicated for audio frequency;
  • Applies special  potentiometer as volume controller  with low noise, and durable;
  • Beautiful heavy duty  chassis. Aluminum chassis top, front  panel, and bezels, stainless steel  chassis, and steel bottom;

The  significant advantage of the tube  amplifier is:

unparalleled sound  effects, soft, beautiful, natural.

It  sounds gentle , sweet, as charming as  rose.
It is particularly suited to play  idyllic ease and elegance of classical  music.
They are good choice for people who  hanker for the “Original natural Sound ”




    • Type :    Integrated Amplifier
    • Brand :    YAQIN
    • Model :    MS-30L
    • Input Power :    110V-240V AVAILABLE
    • Output Power :    80W (8Ω)
    • Frequency :    5Hz ~ 75KHz
    • Signal/Noise Ratio :    >88dB (A weight)
    • Harmonic Distortion :    ≤1.6% (at 1KHz)
    • Inputs signal level :    <0.23V(1KHz)
    • Power Consumption :    about 180W
    • Load impedance :    8ohm or 4ohm
    • Input Jack :    4 groups
    • Colour :    BLACK and Silver
    • Weight :    24kg
    • Valve / Tubes :    EL34B x 4 / 6J1 x 8
  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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