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YAQIN MS-34C-RE Tube Headphone Integrated Amplifier

Futuristic and beautiful styling is yours as well as incredible sweet and

detailed single-ended Class A sound reproduction with the new YAQIN MS-34C amplifier.


The amp is carefully constructed on an solid aluminum chassis and

uses a single EL34B output tube per channel in class A pentode operation

which is driven by an octal 6SN7GTB. The amp also includes a headphone jack

in the front panel and has three sets of stereo inputs and a remote control.


The control panel features a large LED digital readout for each of the three channels,

with a very cool BLUE LED outlining the large aluminum volume control.

Output impedance is either four or eight ohms.

This amp is perfect for high efficiency loudspeakers and horn-type loudspeakers that need a sweet,

musical sound for maximum musical soundstage

and realism This amp is now in stock and available for your musical enjoyment.


  • Input Power : 220V-240V  AVAILABLE

    Output Power : Single Ended EL34 Class A Pentode Output Power 10.5W X 2 (4 or 8 ohms)

    Valve / Tube : EL34B x 2 / Octal 6SN7 X 2

    Equal Loudness : 10KHz/1KHz(+8dB)

    Frequency : 6Hz to 38KHz(-2dB)

    Distortion : <=1.8%

    Signal/Noise Ratio : 73dB(A)

    Earphone Output : Earphone Optimum Output Impedance 32 ohms

    Audio Input : 3 group

    Input Sensitivity : 180mV(1K)

    Size Dimension : Width 11.42 inches x Height 6.3 inches x Lenght 9.45 inches

    Colour : BLACK

    Weight : 17.5 kg

    Packing Includes : All The tubes, 1.5m Power Cord & Full function aluminum remote control

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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