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This lamp is used for high voltage delay indication and fault indication when turning on. It is red when you open, turn green in 30 seconds and enter to work. When the machine breaks down(such as the tube is break down or output signal is too large)may damage the machine and speakers, the inner protection circuit will be cutting off the HAVC automatically, red and green light flash alternately, the user needs to shut off the machine and removal of faults, then the user can restart the machine.


Useage of bluetooth

The machine with a built-in bluetooth of version 4.0. So you can quickly connected the bluetooth device of digital products such as notebook computer, mobile phone and PAD. Realize the wireless transmission of music and enjoy it . Operation method is as follow:

1. Press the “INPUT” button on the panel or the “   ” on the remote to control bluetooth function.

2. After hearing blare of the speakers, opened the bluetooth function of connected difital equipment, and them search“F-3188”and connect it.


Pre-Order wait around 10 Days to order before send out by AIR-MAIL.




  • Electric Performance Index

    Output Power:UL55W×2(8Ω)TL28W×2(8Ω)

    Frequency Response:5Hz--70KHz(-2dB)


    Input Sensitivity:Intergrated:≤250mV

    Pure post-stage:≤0.8V

    Maximum Power Consumption:≤390VA

    Tube:KT90-T x 4 6H8C or 6SN7 x 4 12AX7 x 2Gross

    Weight:about 34 kg

    Net Weight:about 28 kg Size:(W)395mm(D)495mm(H)240mm

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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