top of page is a reputable Hong Kong based importer & exporter, specialize in wide range of electronic devices especially on tube amplifiers, we are well connected with some famous brands: Yaqin, Music Angel XDSE, MHZS etc. 
We are trading as a worldwide wholesaler and retailer with excellent product knowledge; our marketing and sales department promise to provide well-rounded customer service and reliable after-sales service. 
With the advanced technology and staying at the forefront of new innovation, and the support of customers from Hong Kong and overseas, we provide the best services to our customers to gain the highest satisfaction in on-line electronic Services. 

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World-Wide Industrial centre
43-47 Shan Mei Street
Fo Tan N.T.
Hong Kong

China Contact Information 

Xinan, Sanshui Town, 
Foshan City,
GuangDong Province,
P.R.C. China

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