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Bewitch 1812 Russia KT88 Integrated Amplifier 


It used circles the system high symmetry uniquely the big inductance,
the low leakage inductance balanced -like output transformer dressed up 
the sound for it to lay the solid foundation.
8 special characteristic 1U/630V double lead wire pure red copper
seal has a fever the big electric capacity(40mm x30mm x 20mm,


Composes the magnificent lineup magnetoacoustic coupling, Acoustic fidelity exquisite and thick.
The high accuracy divergence step-type potentiometer (the 4x24 files),
the British NOBE power switch, the British RS selection switch, 
American POWER the HOUSE fuse, the US import the collection level rectification second-level tube, 
purple placer gold RCA and the loudspeaker wiring column
and so on improve on perfection for its acoustic fidelity.
Sound Performance: detailed, warm, mellow, smooth, power.

Bewitch 1812

SKU: Bewitch-1812
  • Input Power  : AC110V - 120V (±10%)/220V(±10%) 60Hz/50Hz
    Output Power : 60W X 2
    Tube  : 6SN7 x 2 (Output Tubes, USA TUNG SOL Brand tubes)
                6SN7 x 4 (Drivers, USA TUNG SOL Brand tubes)
                KT88 x 4 (Voltage amplifiers, Russia SVETLANA tubes)
    IMD : 0.50%
    Source Input : Tape, CD and Aux
     Input Sensitivity : 500mv
    Frequency : 8 Hz-60KHz(-1dB)
    Signal/Noise Ratio : 90 dB
     Input Impedance : 100KΩ       
     Output Impedance : 8 ohm & 4 ohm
    Harmonic Distortion : 0.5%(1KHz full power)

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