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Music Angel MENG M5 845 x4 120watt Hi-End Vacuum Valve Tube Integrated Amplifier

  • Using Push-pull and high pressure delays buffer to supply power 
  • Adopts USA DALE military resistance and Teflon Silver Line.The components also include coupling capacitor,ALPS Potentiometer,Hitachi oxygen-free copper wire and audio silicon of single orientation.
  • Size Dimension : 413mm(W) x (240+80)mm(H) x 600mm(D)

Music Angel MENG-M5

  • Input Power :    110V-240V AVAILABLE
    Output tube :    845(Psvane HiFi) x 4
    . :    6N1(ECC85) x6
    Output power :    120W
    Distortion :    0.8% (at full power)
    SNR :    90dB
    Frequency response :    10Hz-40Hz (-3dB)
    Input Jack :    3 groups
    Size Dimension :    W413mm x H240
    Weight :    50KG
    Gross weight :    56kg
    Packing Include :    Full Set Tubes and Standard 1.5m Power Cord

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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