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Music Angel MENG MINI YAYI USB EL84 6p14 USB Push Pull Integrated Amplifier

Push-pull  stereo tube amplifier


These EL84 produce a very  nice mid range, sparkling highs  and solid bottom end. 

Plug this  in and play that hot creamy Norah Jones, will bring  yourself to heaven.


Multiple inputs, you can connect a  CD player and plays your favorite CDs, or simply read the  music files directly from your USB  storage device or SD cards (MP3/WAV  formats).

Built-in Radio and 6 EQs, one amp  suits all .

Music Angel MENG-USB-EL84

  • Type :    Integrated Amplifiers
    Input Power :    110V-240V AVAILABLE
    Output Power :    30 watts (Class A Push Pull circuit Design)
    Output Tube :    EL84 / 6P14 x 4
    Frequency :    5Hz-70KHz
    Driver Tube :    6N3
    Distortion :    Less than 1% at full power
    Input Consumption :    <80w
    Signal/Noise Ratio :    90dB
    Ohms :    8 ohms
    Input Jack :    2 groups (CD Input ,AUX Input = USD & SD Card)
    Size Dimension :    Width 260mm x Height 140mm x Depth 210mm
    Colour :    Black Body
    Weight :    8 kg
    Packing Includes :    All the Tubes & Standard 1.5m Power Cord

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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