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Music Angel XDSE EL34 Integrated Amplifier

Classic parallel push-pull circuit equipped with the famous EL34B tubes, 

this thing produces nothing but beautiful, gorgeous music. Dynamic range, 

clarity and transparency, midrange to die for and highs that reach the sky. 

Its performance is best illustrated with violin, saxophone, piano, vocal, Jazz, Classical, etc.

Music Angel XDSE-EL34

  • Type :    Integrated Amplifiers
    Input Power :    110V-240V AVAILABLE
    Output Power :    50 watts x 2 in utlra-linear mode, 6SL7 parallel push-pull circuit
    Output Tube :    Power Tube EL34B x 4
    Frequency :    10Hz-60KHz
    Signal/Noise Ratio :    95dB
    Input/Driver Tube :    6N1/5670, 6N9P/6SL7 x 2 and 6E1* 2
    Distortion :    Less than 1% at full power
    Ohms :    4 ohms and 8 ohms
    Consumption :    200W
    Size Dimension :    Width 465mm x Height 175mm x Depth 280mm
    Colour :    Silver Body & Black Power Supply
    Weight :    25kg

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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