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PrivateLABEL EL34 Point to Point Wiring Tube Integrated Amplifier


    • Input Impedance: 100Kohm
    • Output Impedance:4ohm 8ohm
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 89dB
    • Input Sensitivity: 500--2000mV
    • Input :120V or 240V
    • Output power:13w+13w (RMS)
    • Frequeney responses: 20Hz--30KHz+/-1dB
    • Supply Votage: all voltages are available 60Hz/50Hz
    • Total Hamonic Distortion: less than 1%(1KHz)
    • Tubes Included: 2pcs EL34B, 2pc 6N9P, 1pc 5Z3P
    • Maximum input peak:500mW
    • Dimension:350(W)*50(H)*170(D)mm
    • Weight: 9.5kg

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