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Shuguang EL84/6P14/6BQ5 Replacement Vacuum Tube 1 PCX


The EL84 (6BQ5) tube is well known by electric guitar players and

audiophiles alike for it's smooth, sweet sound, and great sustain. 

The EL84, or commonly known as 6BQ5 in North America,

was intended for use as an inexpensive alternative to the larger audio tubes of the time,

such as EL34, 6L6, and KT66power tubes. 


By the late 1950s there was a large selection of stereo hifi audio tube amplifiers available.

Owners of amps from Dynaco, Eico, Mullard, and Fisher,

among others, were enjoying great sound from these reasonably powered vacuum tubes. 

In that same time, Vox began using the EL84 power tube as well. 

Vox built their incredibly popular stable of guitar tube amps

based around EL84 vacuum tubes and has never looked back. 

The "Vox" sound from an  AC15 or AC30 is in large part due to the

EL84 power tubes Shortly after the appearance of the EL84/6BQ5 tube,

a slightly higher power version called the 7189 and 7189A tube was

released and became the standard power tube in Scott tube audio amplifiers.

Shuguang EL84-1PCX

    • Type :    Vacuum Tube
    • Brand :    Shuguang
    • Model :    EL84 / 6P14 / 6BQ5
    • Country/Region of Manufacture :    China
  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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