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SIESTA LAB SEO-RC15 Audiophile Gold plated RCA to 1.5mm Cable 2 Meter


Brand From Japan 100% New Hi-End Audiophile Audio Cable

SIESTA-Lab Model SEO-RC15 is designed from Japan, together with 24K gold plated connectors,

it can provide high quality contacts between interfaces and amplifier.

It is not just fancy looking but can literally bring your sound system to a higher level,

it is worth to spend this affordable cost to purchase this

 if you are looking a high quality RCA cable for your audio equipments.


Oxygen Free Copper, Polyethylene Insulation,

Provide a perfect and durable connection.

The SIESTA Audio Cable  is an interconnect cable integrating a Gold and copper design.

Utilizing aeronautical grade cabling the SE Speaker Cable is topped off with Gold plated

Audio Note RCA plugs. Audio Notes are one of the best and this particular one uses teflon insulation.


  • Material  : 24k Gold plated 

                     Made by 6N Pure Copper (99.99999999%)

                     Polyester Braided Sleeving

    Connectors : 2 x RCA to 3.5mm Plugs

    Length   : 2 meter

    Thickness  : 8mm

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