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XiangSheng 708B-BK Tube Headpone Pre-Amplifier

U want to enjoy music and have a peace of mind ?

Or Christina Aguilera whispers next to your ears?......

here's your wise choice.


Powerful,  Dynamic  With  Sweet  TUBE  SOUND  On Your  Headphone  !

Brushed aluminum faceplate, with all metal buttons  and knobs.


  • Gold coated RCA connectors. 
  • R-shape high efficiency transformer, reducing the  contact resistance. 
  • All resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade  to ensure sound quality. Key parts are from Germany,  Japan and Taiwan etc. 
  • Adopting all tube for rectifying, plus silver  signal lines for internal circuit. 
  • This nice amplifier refer to famous Japan Wada  Shigeho's Style improved Electric Circuit, having  excellent performance. 
  • It is not only a pre-amplifier, but also a  headphone amplifier. It is your nice choose.