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XiangSheng DAC-01A BK Tube 24Bit 96Khz USB Decoders Headphone Pre Amplifier 


Based on the customers feedbacks and overwhelming demand, our engineers have upgraded the DAC-01 by redesigning the internal wiring and adjusting parameters. Now the new version is DAC-01A. 

The DAC-01A stands out with its high fidelity vacuum tube output . With no less than five sources signal inputs for selecting : DVD/CD, AUX, coaxial, optical and USB input. This is easy the best bang for the money. 

The DAC-01A lets you “upgrade” the music listening experience, for any type audio setup, from computer-based systems, to network music devices, or standard CD/DVD etc. Just plug it into your existed setup and enjoy the superior high end sound quality.

This is a newer design so not like the old Tube DAC. The unit have two output, one with transistor and one with single 6N3 vacuum tube. So you can change the two output to find more fun. You can compare the sound between the two output then find out which can match you listen taste. 


◆ (5) sets of inputs: including (2) sets of analog RCA inputs(DVD/CD, AUX), (1) coaxial, (1) optical and (1) USB input. 
◆ (2) sets of RCA outputs – transistor and vacuum tube. 
◆ Built-in headphone amplifier: allows you to enjoy music with privacy. Great power, music layers and details. 
◆ Genuine imported processing chip. All resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade to ensure sound quality. Key parts are from Germany and Taiwan etc..
◆ R-shape high efficiency transformer. 
◆ Separate power supply rectification to analog and digital circuits. 
◆ Gold coated RCA connectors and coaxial connector. 
◆ Vacuum tube output use well-known Chinese 6N3 tube. It can be replaced with 5670 type of tube. 
◆ Brushed aluminum faceplate, with all metal buttons and knobs, plus blue LED indicator light. 
◆ Having two RCA analogy un-balance output(Normal Output and Tube Output), can be connected to transistor amplifier and tube amplifiers.
◆ The volume potentiometer does not control volume on the line outputs, just the headphone.

Nice DAC must use a high Quality Amplifier!


XiangSheng DAC-01A-SV

$179.00 Regular Price
$164.99Sale Price
  • Specifications: 


    Input Power : 110V-240V   AVAILABLE

    Tube : Tube Used 6N3 ( can be  replaced with 5670  tube)

    Input Impedance : Analog  :100 ohm Digital: 75  ohm

    Harmonic Distortion : Normal  Output: less than  0.001%  Tube  Output: less than  0.1%

    Headphone  Amplifierp Output Power :  1000mW-300mW

    Frequency  Response : 20Hz-30KHz

    Signal/Noise Ratio : Normal  Output: 96dB; Tube  Output: 90dB

    Impedance : 32ohm - 600 ohm

    Sampling Frequency : 32kHz、44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz  depending on source.

    Resolution  Capability : This  DAC-01A supports  16bit、20bit and  24bit audio  depending on source.

    Output Impedance : 600  ohm

    Output Voltage : >2000mV

    Dynamic Range : 117dB

    Digital Input : 2 x sets of analog RCA  inputs (DVD/CD,  AUX), coaxial, optical and USB  input.

    Analog Output : Analog  stereo outputs via  RCA Left/Right  channel : Normal  Output and  Tube Output. 

    Size Dimension : 260mm  (W) x 167mm (D) x 55mm (H)

    Colour : Silver

    Weight : 2.5kg

    Packing Includes : All  Tubes & Standard  1.5m (5 ft)  Power Cord



    • 260mm (W) x 167mm (D) x 55mm (H)

  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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