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YAQIN ML-1200 EURO Power Filter Sockets


With lighting and over current protection devices, can effectively protect the family to use electrical appliances.

Can effectively filter out the exchange of power interference and clutter, so that the voice background sound is more quiet, sound transparent clearer.

Can effectively filter out or reduce the TV fuzzy interference, so that figure such as clearer, more bright colors.

To prevent the engine, switch lamp, daylight strobe, laundry rotation, refrigerators and computers start to sun into the power grid and interference noise.

Use of American Standard and the universal power socket, to meet the different countries power plug requirements.

Selection of Taiwan's senior special power outlet sockets of excellent brass shells, close contact, durable and other advantages.

The power filter manufactured by Philips (MKP) audio-specific capacitors and a large-scale of ultra-high inductance and high-grade copper wire.


SKU: YQ-ML-1200-EU
    • Input Power : AC100V-AC250V  AVAILABLE
    • Power : *15A / 3300W at 220V (MAX. to 250V)
    • Sockets : 6 x EURO Sockets
    • Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
    • Size Dimension : 455mm x 95mm x 65mm
    • Colour : Gold Body
    • Weight : 3 kg
    • Packing Includes : Standard 1.5m Power Cord
  • One year factory warranty + extra three years factory parts warranty. (Amplifier Only)

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