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YAQIN ML-1300 EURO Type E Power Filter Sockets


Yaqin ML-1300 Power Filter sockets is a true feed-through filtered mains at the 8 output sockets a log with high voltage mains spike protection. Whether used with CD players, Turntables, Amplifiers or costly plasma screens, this mains block will improve the performance of any piece of equipment connected to it .These being high grade universal sockets which take any mains plug (Europe/Australian/USA) giving great flexibility in power cable choice yet still providing a very tight fit. Excellent materials for superior sound quality.

YAQIN ML-1300-Universal

SKU: YQ-ML-1300-Univer
$260.00 Regular Price
$234.00Sale Price
  • Brand :    YAQIN
    Model :    ML-1300
    Input Power :    AC100V-AC250V
    Rated Frequency :    50Hz / 60Hz
    Sockets :    8 x Sockets
    Size Dimension :    L 388mm, H 70mm, W 130mm
    Colour :    Silver Body - Aluminum panel
    Weight :    2.5 kg
    Packing Includes :    Standard 1.5m Power Cord

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